Why choose a Peterson Pipe?

Why choose a Peterson Pipe?

Why choose a Peterson Pipe?

Why choose a Peterson Pipe, what is so special about them when compared to other well known brands?

As a long time smoker of Peterson pipes I have found them totally dependable as basic smoking instruments.
I am willing to concede that we are all different in our tastes and choices,mine possibly being an extreme viewpoint of the Peterson brand. However in defence, my knowledge is based on years of ownership and experience of the myriad selection of pipes that Peterson have produced and are still producing.

I have had an extensive collection of other brands,including artisan pipes, in my collections over the years, with which to draw these comparisons. However for me these pipes have a special place and attraction. Their historical elegance coupled to Celtic charisma and eccentricity adds to a massive world wide following and popularity. As well as being excellent everyday smoking pipes,they are also very collectible. Particularly the Patents, Pre-Republics and original Mark Twain’s, all of which command reasonably consistent, estate prices at auction.

In my opinion Peterson pipes embody what is meant by «a good pipe.» Their design, materials, history, and elegance convey a certain mystique that eclipses other brands. It’s difficult to understand, but by smoking, or collecting Peterson pipes, a person can identify with times past, a time when quality and craftsmanship, were the norm and not the exception.

From my years of ownership,here are some other good solid reasons to choose a Peterson pipe:

  • Historical provenance over 145 years and are eminently collectible.
  • Classical,simple elegant shapes.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and very tactile in the hand.
  • Value for money. Prices are competitive throughout their range.
  • Extensive choice of styles and shapes
  • Excellent consistent build and smoking qualities.
  • Strong world wide community of followers.
  • Excellent resale values.
  • Quality customer care and support.
  • System pipes eccentric quirky design and following.
  • Highly regarded attractive silver-work.
  • Innovation: they regularly come up with new series and design.

As I have stated previously, the huge World-wide number of contented Peterson pipe smokers is evidence enough and must be considered a great endorsement of the brand.

By Jim Lilley

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